Dear customers! There are a few questions that are buyers asked the most often. This is answers to them:

The company «AZIMUT.DV» considers it his duty to call your attention to the fact that we are not manufacturers of YAMAHA motors, we find the second-hand motors YAMAHA and resell them. That’s why we can't provide the full warranty. We provide free service from us for the YAMAHA used engines within 1 month. Before the motor YAMAHA will be put on sale (on web site) we do with him the following actions are performed:

  • Identifies motors YAMAHA with a good compression and the good condition of the shaft and the bearings (This is the main condition). Engines YAMAHA which do not fall into this list go into the spare parts area for take a part on aggregates and units (See for engines YAMAHA for spare parts).
  • Next is the replacement of the necessary equipment, Low gear, CDI, etc. which is taken from “engines YAMAHA for spare parts” and after that the motor YAMAHA tested at the stand.
  • Then the engine when necessary clarification.
  • Before the release the engine on sale we test him again and engine qualify with the following requirements: - Compression is the working - Cooling in the normal - There is no Noise, negatively affecting on the engine run

Please pay your attention on some features of outboard motors YAMAHA make operating:

When install the outboard YAMAHA engine on boat, you need... view full text >>>

Thank you for your purchase and we wish You a pleasant rest on the water.

Symbols and deciphering the model name outboard YAMAHA

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