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Marine equipment shop 2nd Wave Pattaya
Online shop marine technology "2nd Wave Pattaya" offers to choose from a wide range of outboard motors from Japan, spare parts and accessories, as well as related equipment.
Moreover, except used outboard motors, you can buy in our store a used motor boat or jetski that regularly importing for sale. Buy used motors (outboard and inboard), boats, yachts, as well as used spare parts for a wide range of samples submitted great beneficial because:
  • Experienced staff will select, according to the search criteria, any outboard motor.
  • Will complete pre-training and give 100% guarantee of reliability and performance.
  • Competitive price and timely, the processing speed of your order will be very fast.
  • Quick order and various payment methods (both cash and non-cash).
Outboard motors brands:
Sale of used outboard motors, such as outboard motors Suzuki, Mercury, Tohatsu, Yamaha - is the top priority of commerce online store "2nd Wave Pattaya". If your goal is buying high quality outboard motor - you have addressed to the right place.
It is no secret anymore that motor boats are much faster and more comfortable on the water than rowing or sailing boats. The reliability and speed of the boat at the same time will depend on the type and power of outboard motor installed on it. If you decide to buy a motor boat directly from the manufacturer in its original equipment, the manufacturer will choose and will instal outboard motor in accordance with the stated characteristics of a boat.
If you are installing on your boat engine by yourself, or, for some reason, you want to replace outboard motor  you should address to professionals.
In our store you can buy a outboard motor with manual or electric starter, remote or handle control type,power or manual trim as well as select precisely engine power and weight exactly for model and type of your boat.
Stationary and outboard engines in our shop.
Outboard Motors, however, as stationary, today produced in a wide range, allowing the buyer to choose the most appropriate option for the specs. The main characteristics of almost all outboard motors, as a rule is: weight, fuel consumption, dimensions, engine type (2-stroke or 4-stroke), type of propeller, noise,volume, the type of engine control, and others.
Currently in our online store are:
Outboard Motors YAMAHA
Outboard Motors SUZUKI
Outboard Motors HONDA
Outboard Motors TOHATSU
Outboard engines MERCURY
Outboard Motors NISSAN
Stationary boat motors MERCRUISER
Stationary boat motors VOLVOPENTA
Jet boats
Jet ski
Motor for parts